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Bulldog Platform helps brands turn their loyalty program into a profit center thanks to NFTs.

Why add NFT in your loyalty program?

Align your financial interests with those of your customers

Turn your old fashioned coupons into digital assets that are now tradable among your clients. The value you put in your loyalty program generates revenues for you and your customers.

Gamify your customer experiences

The web3 space offers new ways for customer activations. NFT mechanisms (like burn, trade, airdrop, vote, hold…) gamify the experience and give additional utility to your loyalty program.

NFT strategy is not short term

Most NFT projects have decrease in value since their launch, making their collectors loose money. The main reason is the engagement gap between before and after the launch by the project owners. As a brand your priority is to build a long lasting relationship with your clients.

Bulldog Platform makes it easy

Bulldog is a platform to create outstanding NFT experiences. You don’t need to become Blockchain developer or full time Discord manager to run a successful NFT program. Just connect on Bulldog to make simple and automated activations for your loyal clients.

We are co-building our product with brands and NFT creators.


Want to try the power of NFTs for your business ?